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Specializing in vacuum trucks, silo cleaning, vessel cleaning, dome cleaning, bin whipping, hopper cleaning, tank cleaning, and chimney cleaning.
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Welcome to Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, your premier partner for all your industrial cleaning needs in the Chicago area. Thanks to our vast experience and dedication to excellence, we have become the go-to provider of comprehensive services for businesses from various industries across Chicagoland.


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Our experience with Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions has been wonderful. They have consistently provided us with excellent service, accommodating all of our requests with ease and always being punctual. We have no complaints and are very satisfied with their work.
Leon Williams
Leon Williams
Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is doing an outstanding job with their great attention to detail and exceptional cleaning services, for which we are really thankful. Our company has high expectations when it comes to cleaning, and we have finally found a service that meets those expectations. Well done!

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Silo Cleaning
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Silo Cleaning

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Tank & Vessel Cleaning

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Bin Whipping

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Industrial Plant Cleaning

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Vacuum Truck Service

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15+ Years of Experience in Silo and Bin Cleaning


Silo Cleaning Contractor in Chicago, Illinois

Silo Cleaning

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is the top provider of silo cleaning services in the Chicago area. We help our commercial clients clean any type of silo, from carbon slack to cement and clay. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can help you complete this task efficiently and effectively. Our experience extends far beyond silo cleaning, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers.
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Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions employs cutting-edge techniques for tank and vessel cleaning, such as hydro-blasting and vacuum trucks and pumps to efficiently flush and clean tanks that contain liquids or solids. We are highly regarded for our expertise in the petroleum and chemical industries, effortlessly dislodging deposits and hardened materials from internal tank walls. Our wide variety of nozzle options and equipment allows us to adapt our cleaners perfectly, guaranteeing optimal results every time.
tank vessel cleaning service

Bin Whipping

Bin whipping is an efficient method for clearing out blockages without requiring enclosed space access, and regular bin whipping sessions should be scheduled to ensure uninterrupted flow of pigments, plastics, powders and more. With just two workers required for our process restoring capacity up to 100% while reducing asset loss. Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, Chicago's premier bin whipping company, can ensure effective and safe bin cleaning for you and your business.
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Industrial Plant Deep Cleaning

Are you in search of reliable and efficient industrial plant deep cleaning? Look no further than Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions. Our certified and trained personnel possess years of experience working in varied industrial environments, such as pulp and paper production, food processing, petrochemical processing, and more. We have the skills and resources to get your project done as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.
industrial deep cleaning service

Vacuum Truck Service

Our comprehensive vacuum truck service transports hazardous and non-hazardous materials safely. Whether you’re facing an emergency with wet or dried material buildup, we can help. Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is the ideal partner for power plants, waste-to-energy facilities, and industrial customers, constantly expanding our fleet with new vacuum trucks, trailers, transporters, Vactors, and Cuscos to meet customer demand. 
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Why Chicago Hire Us For Their Silo Cleaning Needs

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We are committed to exceeding client expectations with exceptional service. We recognize each client has unique requirements and challenges, which is why our highly-trained professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and possess expertise for managing even the most intricate cleaning projects efficiently and successfully.

We pride ourselves on upholding core values that underpin our success: integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity. These principles shape every aspect of our operations and help ensure we consistently exceed client expectations with surpassing results. When choosing Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions as your partner, you can rest easy knowing you've chosen a company who prioritizes your needs while building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.


Quality is our number one concern. We recognize the direct relationship between the cleanliness and maintenance of your facilities and their operational efficiency and reputation, so we take great care in each step of our service, from initial assessment through final cleanup, to uphold the highest quality standards. To show our confidence in what we do, we offer a satisfaction guarantee: If our service falls short in any way, let us know, and we will strive to rectify it immediately.

Our comprehensive cleaning process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your unique requirements. Our team takes the time to fully comprehend any unique challenges or requirements present at your facility. This allows us to tailor a customized plan for you after conducting a detailed site inspection and identifying potential hazards and the most efficient cleaning techniques to achieve optimal results.


At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, we value open and honest communication with our customers. We keep you informed and involved from start to finish, offering detailed project timelines, progress reports, and regular updates that ensure a clear understanding of our work being performed. Furthermore, our team is available anytime to answer any queries or address concerns raised during this process, giving you peace of mind and trust in us and our capabilities.

Our Process

Once your cleaning plan is finalized, our highly experienced technicians with cutting-edge tools and equipment will arrive on-site to commence their tasks. We understand the significance of safety in industrial settings and put safety first during our process - prioritizing team member health and those of your employees and your facility during each cleaning session. All technicians undergo comprehensive training with strict adherence to safety protocols to create an environment suitable for work.

Utilizing advanced equipment and proven techniques, our cleaning professionals execute each process with great care and unwavering dedication. From bin whipping, industrial plant deep cleaning, silo cleaning, and tank and vessel cleaning to vacuum truck service, our team uses industry-leading practices to guarantee every surface, equipment, or system is cleaned thoroughly to its original state.

Regardless of the industrial cleaning services you require, we guarantee that every surface, equipment, or system will be restored to perfect condition using high-pressure water blasting, abrasive cleaning methods, or environmentally-friendly solutions tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your facility.

As we understand, minimizing downtime and disruptions to your operations is paramount. That's why our team works efficiently and diligently to complete projects within agreed-upon timelines - so you can quickly resume normal activities after cleaning. We respect your operational needs while striving to minimize inconvenience during cleaning sessions to create a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your staff.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is committed to safety and environmental responsibility through full licensing and insurance, adhering to all relevant safety guidelines and environmental regulations. Our practices meet industry requirements while exceeding them as well.

Standard waste disposal practices such as recycling are employed for proper waste management compliance with all relevant regulations and laws.

Safety Training

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions values employee development. We recognize the significance of staying current on industry regulations, safety protocols, and cleaning techniques to provide exceptional service, so each employee goes through extensive training programs covering a range of subjects, including:

  • Safety Training: Our core is safety for our employees and your facility. Our team receives rigorous safety training on protocols such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration), Hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response), Hazwoper guidelines as well as Hazwoper guidelines from Hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response). This ensures they know best practices when working in confined spaces, handling hazardous materials, or using PPE such as Hazwoper guidelines.
  • Technical Training: At our company, our employees undergo comprehensive technical training to master the use of silo-cleaning equipment and tools. They receive instruction on high-pressure water blasting systems, abrasive cleaning methods, vacuum trucks, and other advanced technologies used for silo cleaning. Furthermore, we stay abreast of industry innovations to make sure our team has all of the skills required for any challenge in an effective manner.
  • Compliance Training: We offer compliance training to meet industry standards and regulations. Our employees receive training on Department of Transportation regulations regarding the transport of materials safely, as well as specific training required by regulatory bodies.
  • Continuous Professional Development: At our organization, we foster a culture of continual learning and improvement. Employees participate in ongoing professional development programs designed to expand their skill set while remaining informed of industry advances. Workshops, seminars, and conferences offer an additional avenue for knowledge expansion.

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions stands by our commitment to training and development so that our team has the required skills, knowledge, and certifications for silo cleaning safely and efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and is measured through client loyalty. Our dedicated team is focused on providing exceptional customer service in every interaction, taking note of feedback to tailor services better to meet evolving client needs, and continuously striving to improve services to provide an outstanding experience for each customer. We aim to exceed your expectations while developing lasting relationships and becoming your go-to resource for industrial cleaning needs.

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is passionate about providing the highest-quality industrial cleaning services and takes great pride in meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction goals. With our personalized approach, unwavering dedication to quality work, and commitment to customer service, we are confident we can meet and surpass your expectations - contact us now so that we can discuss how our team can make a difference for you!

Our Services

We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning services to our commercial clients in the Chicago area. Here is an overview of some of our core offerings:

Bin Whipping

Our bin whipping service is integral to our comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions. Over time, bins and storage systems may experience a build-up of residue accumulation that reduces efficiency or causes blockages. That's where our expert team comes in.

With years of experience behind them, our team members have perfected the art of bin whipping using special equipment and techniques designed to tackle even the toughest caked materials.

No matter the substance - grain, flour, cement, or anything else - our team has the experience and resources to remove them effectively. Utilizing high-powered whips, air cannons, and other advanced tools, we can dislodge build-up and eliminate it, saving time and money with our bin whipping service.

By investing in this service, we can also remove blockages, prevent contamination of storage systems, and increase efficiency, which saves time and money in time-efficient storage systems for you!

Industrial Plant Deep Cleaning

Maintaining a sanitary working environment in industrial plants is of the utmost importance, yet due to industrial processes, dirt, grease, and debris can build up over time, negatively affecting both its aesthetic appeal and potentially becoming hazards for employees and equipment. That is why our industrial plant deep cleaning service is integral to creating a productive work environment.

By choosing our industrial plant deep cleaning service, our dedicated team of professionals will exhaustively clean all surfaces, machinery, and equipment in your facility. Using multi-step processes, including degreasing, pressure washing, and specialized techniques, we ensure even tough stains and contaminants are eliminated from surfaces such as machinery or equipment. This will help to increase lifespan, performance, productivity, and compliance with industry regulations and ensure compliance.

Silo Cleaning

Cleaning silos requires specialization and precision. Silos are essential in multiple industries, including agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing. Over time, however, their walls can become covered in residue build-up, which reduces their storage capacity and may potentially lead to contamination. This is where Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions comes in with our knowledge and tools for dealing with silo cleaning projects of any size and complexity.

Silo cleaning is essential to maintaining efficiency and safety for any operation, so silos must be regularly maintained and cleansed. Here are the key reasons for doing so:

  • Flow Disruption: Over time, materials stored in silos can accumulate and cause flow disruptions. This build-up may restrict or block the material flow, causing production slowdowns or stoppages. Regular cleaning ensures smooth material flow for optimal production rates and production rates.
  • Product Changes or Contaminations: Silos must be thoroughly cleaned when their stored product changes or contamination is identified, whether that means transitioning to a different product, purging contaminated materials, or disposing of substandard goods. Cleaning helps protect product quality while preventing cross-contamination.
  • Maintenance and Inspections: Cleaning silos is essential for conducting comprehensive inspections and performing maintenance work efficiently and accurately. Before repairs or inspections are conducted, having clear access to internal components enables more precise assessments and efficient maintenance processes.

Silo Cleaning Solutions utilizes advanced techniques such as high-pressure water blasting, abrasive cleaning, and chemical solutions. These methods effectively remove residue and build-up, returning your silos to optimal storage conditions. Our team understands the significance of cross-contamination prevention. For this reason, we take every precaution in cleaning for complete and precise results.

By trusting us with your silo cleaning needs, you can maximize the capacity of your silos, prevent contamination and increase overall efficiency in your operations. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor our cleaning approach accordingly, guaranteeing that your silos are thoroughly cleansed to the highest standards.

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Proper tank and vessel cleaning are integral in industries like oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and food processing. Over time, tanks can become filled with sludge, sediment, or contaminants that pose operational or safety concerns. Our highly skilled team specializes in tank and vessel cleaning to ensure optimal performance and longevity of equipment.

Our team starts by carefully evaluating your tanks and vessels' specific requirements, considering factors like size, shape, and material type. Based on this assessment, we use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to remove accumulated sludge, sediment, and contaminants. We complete this entire process while adhering to strict safety protocols and environmental regulations to guarantee compliance and minimize any impact on the environment.

Investing in regular tank and vessel cleanings will provide better security and help you protect your assets. Our comprehensive tank and vessel services allow you to avoid corrosion, maintain product quality, and comply with industry regulations. Our team understands the important role of tanks and vessels in your operations, so we provide top-tier service for optimal equipment functioning.

Vacuum Truck Service

Our vacuum truck service provides a versatile solution for removing liquid, sludge, and hazardous materials. Outfitted with powerful vacuum systems and capable of accommodating a range of materials and volumes. Whether it is emergency spill response, waste collection, or comprehensive industrial cleaning that you require, our cost-effective vacuum truck service ensures appropriate disposal while remaining compliant with environmental compliance.

Our vacuum truck service brings experienced technicians with all the equipment and expertise to address your unique requirements. We carefully and efficiently collect waste material into our vacuum trucks for safe containment and transportation, adhering to rigorous safety protocols to protect our employees and your facility during every stage.

Our vacuum truck solutions are efficient and cost-effective, from emergency spill cleanups to routine waste collection. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime, so our goal is always to complete projects swiftly and professionally.

Why Choose Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions?

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions stands out as an effective and trusted choice for all of your industrial cleaning needs in the Chicago area. Here are just a few benefits you’ll experience when you work with us:

  • Industry Experience: With decades of experience in heavy industrial cleaning, our team of specialists has gained an intimate knowledge of the challenges associated with silo cleaning. Our experience spans various industries such as manufacturing, food processing, refinement, chemicals, and hazardous waste. We bring knowledge and practical solutions to every project we undertake.
  • Customized and High-Quality Service: At Silos Cleaning Solutions, we take great pride in offering customized and high-quality services tailored specifically to each client's unique needs. Every silo or facility is different, and we collaborate closely with our customers to develop cleaning plans tailored specifically for them. Our commitment to excellence ensures we consistently produce outstanding results!
  • Free Estimates and Affordable Pricing: We also offer free estimates so that you can accurately evaluate the scope of the project before making informed decisions. Our pricing is also very affordable to provide value for investment; our transparent pricing model aims to deliver cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.
  • Trained and Supervised Employees: At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, we employ only trained and supervised employees who meet our stringent standards for employment. Our uniformed team receives extensive training before being monitored to ensure they adhere to our high-quality service standards. You can be sure that our professionals will handle your project professionally, emphasizing safety.
  • Emergency Services: At SGI, we understand emergencies can strike at any time, so our emergency response services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. No matter whether it be sudden blockages, production halts, or other silo cleaning issues. Our fast response team is on call 24/7 to assist and get things back up and running as soon as possible. We guarantee minimal downtime for your operations and hold rapid restoration times as one of our top priorities.

Contact Us Today

At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, we aim to deliver comprehensive industrial cleaning services that cater specifically to each of our client's needs. Whether that means bin whipping, industrial plant deep cleaning, silo cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning, or vacuum truck service, our team of experts are always standing by and are more than willing to meet them all!

We take great pride in offering outstanding service, reliable solutions, and customer-centric care to each one of our clients. Trust us to deliver efficient industrial cleaning services that exceed all your expectations.

Get in touch today to discuss what services you require so we can deliver tailored solutions that surpass your highest expectations.

FAQ About Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions

What kind of training does a reputable silo-cleaning company provide to their employees?

At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, the training we provide to our employees includes but is not limited to:

MSHA 5000-23 Parts 46, 47, and 48
OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Construction
OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Industry
OSHA Hazwhoper
Respirator Training

Our team is also up-to-date on local regulations, and each of our technicians is fully licensed and insured.

Why should I clean my silos?

Silo cleaning is necessary and beneficial for commercial clients. The main reasons you need to clean your silos can be split into three main categories:

Flow disruption - Flow disruption is when the built-up material reduces the flow to production or plugs it completely. This can cause serious halts and production slowdowns.
Product Changes or Contaminations - You will need silo cleaning when production changes result in the storage of a different product. This also applies to situations when routine cleaning is required for the natural degradation of stored products or when contaminated products need to be purged.
Maintenance - When repairs or inspections need to be done but there is still a build-up of material, maintenance cleaning can be used.

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions has the answer for all of these situations. Our process provides top-quality results with the quickest project turnaround times, ensuring your silo will be back to its normal functions as soon as possible.

What type of silos service do you offer?

We are experts in cleaning and servicing bulk storage containers, including silos for alumina, bauxite, and biofuel/ethanol, cement terminals, and power industry vessels.

What is the most common problem you face with silo blockages?

At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, we’ve trained our staff members to efficiently handle any situation, regardless of vessel type. These are some of the most common issues we encounter:


Why should I choose Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions?

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions is driven by your needs. The industry has benefited from our customer-centered approach for decades. We have silo specialists who can take care of all your needs, from cleaning and maintenance tasks to more complex projects involving construction, inspections, and repairs.

To stamp our quality guarantee, we use proprietary technology for cleaning bins and silos more efficiently than any other method available in the industry. Our method not only cleans competitors but also leaves your project site in much better condition. We are committed to delivering better results in less time to exceed your expectations.

How does Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions prioritize safety?

Both the company contracted and the client should consider safety a priority when it comes to industrial cleaning projects. Silos that are not properly maintained are dangerous to those around them. There are several examples of failures that have resulted in serious consequences, from injury to death.

With this in mind, our team prioritizes the safety of you and your employees without compromising service quality. We know that silos with a long life expectancy and low operating costs will reduce your liability in the long-run.

What equipment do you have?

At Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions, we have invested heavily in top-tier equipment to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our teams have tested and tried a wide range of tools during our years in the industrial cleaning sector. This invaluable experience has given us the knowledge to choose the best equipment available on the market.

Contact our team for more information about our equipment. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a free quote for your upcoming project.

What is Bin Whipping?

A Bin-Whip machine is a manually operated, air-powered device that cleans the internal surfaces of silos and bins. This is done by using a 'Whip-Head,' which is powered by compressed air and mounted on a manually controlled, wire rope controlled, ranging boom.

The machine is operated by two of our highly-trained technicians, allowing the internal surfaces of your bins and silos to be cleaned and cleared. Using this method, we are able to accomplish these results without the dangers associated with confined space entry.

The flails can be made of rope, chain or other materials depending on the type of material and the construction of the bin or silo. The Bin-Whip is a self-contained machine that comes with all the necessary components to operate. Due to the complexity of this task, only employees trained to operate it safely should attempt to operate the machine.

What is the purpose of vacuum trucks?

As you may have guessed, the vacuum on a vacuum truck is quite large. The vacuums that are fitted to these trucks are powerful enough to collect large volumes of liquid waste or sludge. The vacuum truck is also used to collect mud and debris, as well as wastewater, and the tank is used to store the collected materials.

The size of the vacuum truck is determined by its job and the amount of waste to be collected. The dimensions of vacuum trucks vary according to the size and type of tank they are equipped with. The tanks of smaller vacuum trucks can hold over 2,000 gallons of liquids and waste, while larger models can handle anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 gallons.

Vacuum trucks are used for a wide range of applications in industrial and municipal settings. Septic trucks are used to perform waste management, such as septic or sewage cleaning and maintenance. Vacuum trucks can also be used to clear water, mud, and debris from excavations and drilling, such as municipal infrastructure or utility projects. They are also helpful for the cleanup of hazardous materials.

Why should I hire Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions to clean my industrial facility?

Our company has been in the heavy industrial cleaning industry for over 30 years. We offer customized service for businesses of all sizes and types, including those in manufacturing, food processing, refinement, chemical, and hazardous waste.

All of our team members are uniformed, quality-trained, and supervised on the job. We only hire employees who adhere to our standards and are in line with our brand, and provide emergency services whenever you need them.

If you would like more information about our services, contact us for a free estimate today.

Quality Silo Cleaning Service At An Affordable Price


Here is our physical address in Gilbert:

Chicagoland Silo Cleaning Solutions
2445 N Clybourn Ave #2f, Chicago, IL

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Hanson Park

The neighborhood is named after the beautiful Hanson Park, a 55-acre park that serves as the centerpiece of the community. The park features a lagoon, walking paths, playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.


Sauganash is named after the Native American Chief Sauganash, also known as Billy Caldwell, who played a significant role in the early history of Chicago. The community of Sauganash takes pride in its well-maintained parks and green spaces. The neighborhood is home to Sauganash Park.

Chicago Lawn

The community of Chicago Lawn is diverse and multicultural, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of the city. The neighborhood is home to a variety of ethnic communities, including African American, Mexican, Arab, and South Asian populations.

Archer Heights

The neighborhood takes its name from Archer Avenue, a major thoroughfare that runs through the area. Archer Heights is primarily a residential neighborhood. Nearby parks include the expansive Hale Park, which features sports fields, playgrounds, and open green spaces.

Printer’s Row

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Printer's Row was home to numerous printing houses, publishing companies, and bookstores. Today, the neighborhood pays homage to its literary past with annual book festivals and a strong literary community.

West Ridge

Residents of West Ridge have access to a range of amenities and services. Devon Avenue, often referred to as "Little India," is the neighborhood's main commercial strip. It is known for its diverse array of shops, grocery stores, boutiques, and restaurants.

West Pullman

Known for its tight-knit community, affordable housing options, and convenient access to transportation, West Pullman offers a suburban-like atmosphere within the city. West Pullman is a residential neighborhood located on the Far South Side of Chicago.

Calumet Heights

Commercial amenities in Calumet Heights include local businesses, convenience stores, and shopping centers that cater to the everyday needs of residents. Nearby shopping destinations, such as the nearby Chatham Market, offer additional retail options and services.

Lake View East

The neighborhood of Lake View East is bordered by Lake Michigan to the east, Belmont Avenue to the south, Diversey Parkway to the north, and Clark Street to the west. It encompasses a mix of residential and commercial areas, providing a blend of urban amenities and residential charm.

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